Bathtub overflow hookup

The water flows out of your bathtub via two channels: The overflow is located behind the cover that is installed directly above your tub drain and beneath the faucet.

How to Seal a Tub Drain Hole Under a House

Over time, the overflow drain can become corroded or clogged with hair and other debris carried into it with the water. If the main waste-water drain is functioning properly and in good condition, you can replace just the overflow drain. This is a task that most homeowners can do themselves, without a pricey visit from the plumber. Loosen the screws on the overflow drain cover using a screwdriver. Remove the cover and set it aside. Open the access hole so you can see the pipes behind the tub.

If there is no access hole, locate the studs in the wall using a stud finder.

A guide for installing walk-in tubs

Try to keep the cut as clean as possible, so you can replace the panel, and cut to reveal the stud behind the drywall. If the nut does not turn, apply a drop of light lubricating oil to it, and leave it to soak for several minutes. He then adds another bead of silicone to the tub where the overflow will go. And a silicone bead directly on the part of the gasket that will attach to the tub.

And yes, Steve loves clear silicone almost as much as coffee.

Kohler provides a bracket to hold the overflow in place. Use a screwdriver or impact driver to secure the bracket to the overflow. If you use an impact driver just be careful not to over tighten as this can crack the tub which would be super BAD. Then screw on the PVC pipe fitting. The nice part about this Kohler Clearflo kit is the flexibility of the pipe fitting to move. Steve does the same silicone procedure with the tub shoe and drain.

All parts get a nice bead of silicone. There are a lot of great tips. Steve always has the best material suggestions.

Replacing A Bathtub: Step 12 - Hook Up Drain

And this tutorial is no exception. Usually you need one 55 lb of mortar for one tub. The mortar should be evened out and about 2 inches thick on all sides. Pre-drill holes in the tub lip. The holes should correspond with the stud locations. Once the tub is level you can attach it to the studs using 2 inch galvanized screws. Push the tub down into the mortar to get a level position and secure one screw through the tub lip and into the stud. Do this for the back wall as well. Otherwise you could break the tub lip when you secure it to the stud. We use a similar method for installing bathtubs in basement bathrooms , too.

Watch our video to see all the awesome tips. Steve and I wanted this to be the best installation video for an acrylic bathtub. We have several tutorials that will shed light on this process. Look at that big hole there.

How to Install a Tub Drain: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

You know, critters get up in here, too. This is a perfect spot during the winter. The only way to do it is to put something over it. T hat ought to be just about right. Wow, what kind of shears are these?

Ready to install new bathtub - confused on a couple items.

You realize if we put that up then we start hearing a knock on the other sideā€¦. Yeah, and see that bottom. The horizontal piece is down below it. Do you have any kind of pillow? Yeah, there it is right there.

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