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Preferential Matchmaking Tanks in WOT?

Legiondude 5 Posted Aug 06 - There's a chart on the matchmaking page on the WoT Wiki. Scorpiany 6 Posted Aug 06 - Unknown, possible Edited by Scorpiany, Aug 06 - Ndtm 7 Posted Aug 06 - How do you get a pz1? Legiondude 9 Posted Aug 06 - Scorpiany 10 Posted Aug 06 - Thanks guys - much appreciate you having the time to post the list s.

RedBarchetta3, on 04 June - When some trendy new atrocity has brought you to your knees Come with us we'll sail the Seas of Cheese. CptCheez, on 04 June - But, the Preferential MM seems like one of the perks of getting a Premium Tank, not something to compensate for a tank's lack of capability. I knew this when I bought it, so I'm not complaining, it just seems odd.

CptCheez, on 10 June - RageNuke, on 22 June - They are, but that's because they don't have Preferential Matchmaking. Not on the chart? WriterDude, on 22 June - Just another demo account, nothing to see here.

Premiums with preferred MM - "In Game" Vehicle Comparison - World of Tanks official forum

Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums Help Files. Xavier5A 21 Posted 04 June - Edited by Xavier5A, 04 June - WhiskeyCyclone 22 Posted 04 June - What about the SU85i. AntonioSoares 23 Posted 04 June - In my experience, the SU 85i has the opposite of preferential mm, I always seem to be on the bottom tier when I play it.

Edited by Blitzowner, 30 April - SpartacusDiablo 2 Posted 30 April - This seems like another whining thread about matchmaking But that can't be because there is a pinned thread for this sort of thing. BorisBaddenov 3 Posted 30 April - I am sure someone had mentioned this before: Whatever composition of players on green team, them red team would have had the same. Edited by wwing, 30 April - Wow that was long.

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  • Premiums with preferred MM.
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AntoineDodson 6 Posted 30 April - WOW, must be nice to have really smart friends that have gone to the best colleges in the world. BorisBaddenov 7 Posted 30 April - A little bird once told me how to gain credits fast: RommelTanker 9 Posted 30 April - I give this little tidbit of an explanation every time someone suggests anything about MM.

BorisBaddenov 11 Posted 30 April - RommelTanker 12 Posted 30 April - BorisBaddenov 13 Posted 30 April - SpartacusDiablo 14 Posted 30 April - Blitz does not use any sort of vehicle weight system. That is why you see teams with 5 heavies vs teams with 5 lights. Zuke76 15 Posted 30 April - RommelTanker 16 Posted 30 April - BorisBaddenov 18 Posted 30 April - Blitz doesn't have battle tier, for sure.

There's this thing called law of large numbers I recommend you to review basic statistics before falsely accusing MM.